Keratin is a fibrillar protein with mechanical strength, which among materials of biological origin is second only to chitin. Keratin is the main element of all horny derivatives of the epidermis of the skin, such as hair and nails.

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)
MSM is one of the richest natural sources of organic sulfur with high bioavailability. Sulfur is often called
the "element of beauty": its sufficient intake helps to maintain healthy skin and nails, hair shine. MSM also promotes the production of its own collagen.

Cysteine and Methionine
These are amino acids that help the formation of keratin in the hair structure. Promote hair growth and give them shine.

Horsetail and millet seeds extracts
The extracts of these plants are rich in organic silicon, which is actively involved in the synthesis of collagen and elastin. They are also excellent remedies for strengthening hair roots.

Vitamin B5
Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) stimulates active hair growth, repairs damaged hair and prevents split ends. In addition, it intensively nourishes the hair, protecting the hair cuticle from destruction, brittleness and color loss.

Silicon is a vital trace element necessary for the good condition of the skin and its appendages (hair, sweat and sebaceous glands, nails). Silicon also stimulates and regulates mitosis (division) of fibroblasts

Helps stimulate the production of the hair's own collagen. And collagen, is responsible for the growth and shine of hair. Biotin helps prevent split ends. It is also effective as a hair loss prevention.

Zinc and Copper
Minerals (zinc and copper) help cell regeneration and help maintain the normal condition of hair, nails and skin.


Keratin 200 mg
MSM (methylsulfanylmethane) 100 mg
Cysteine 50 mg
Methionine 25 mg
Silica 35 mg
Vitamin B5 10 mg
Biotin 150 mcg
Zinc 5 mg
Copper 1 mg
Horsetail extract 75 mg
Millet seed extract 20 mg


1 capsule per day.